My oldest turned SEVENTEEN last month!  Do you know how surreal it feels to realize that you are now a mother to an almost adult? I can’t even explain the feeling or describe the emotions when I think about it. She’s in the middle here with the big brown eyes and the dark hair.  People […]

The Birthday Present


Our Little B turned nine this year! She’s not so little anymore. One more year and she hits the double digits! We asked her what she wanted for her birthday, ready with pen and paper in hand to write down a list of toys or games but were pleasantly surprised by her unusual request. She […]

The SPY Themed Birthday Party

Photo 2015-05-23, 10 02 38 AM

The month of May is always filled with endless events and activities.  Two out of our three children have birthdays in May.  Our daughter, Little B, turned nine this May and wanted to have a …. get this … SPY themed birthday party. A SPY party. And she wanted to host this birthday party in […]

The Kitchen Remodel

Photo 2015-05-21, 10 56 38 AM

January 20th ~  was the last time I posted anything here. So weird to think that four months passed and not a peep from me. I’m actually surprised I had the willpower or the lack of motivation to stay away from here for so long. Of course, I still played a little on Facebook but […]

Real Life


It has almost been a month since I wrote last.  I sit here quietly contemplating what I should write about today. Funny how things change.  When I think back to a few years ago, I remember writing and posting here on the blog every other day. I remember being so passionate about writing and so […]