Real Life


It has almost been a month since I wrote last.  I sit here quietly contemplating what I should write about today. Funny how things change.  When I think back to a few years ago, I remember writing and posting here on the blog every other day. I remember being so passionate about writing and so […]

T’was The Day Before Christmas

Photo 2014-11-06, 3 29 01 PM

It’s Christmas Eve and I awoke this morning feeling like maybe I should write something today. I haven’t posted since before Halloween.  That’s unusual for me. I’ve taken something of a break from blogging.  Being on a break has been nothing short of wonderful. As a family of five, our days keep getting busier.  With […]

Pumpkin Patch 2014


This year’s Pumpkin Patch photos!  Hubby and his friend, Jason #2, took the girls to our local pumpkin patch at Hazelmere Farm.  It was a special trip for just dads and daughters. Here the girls are trying to all drive the tractor.  Good thing they can’t because … um, these girls are crazy drivers! Here’s […]

Back to School Favourites

Photo 2014-10-06, 6 53 20 PM

One of my favourite months of the year is September. Not because I get my “me” time back but because the idea of a new school year brings with it excitement and new adventures.  As a child, I loved getting new school supplies and clothes. It was always a very exciting time of year for […]

3 Things Thursday: October Edition

Photo 2014-09-18, 11 10 35 AM

It’s Thursday, October 2nd.  My girls are all in school and it’s my day off. A cup of coffee by my side, my lap top in front of me and a peaceful house. Bliss. We’ve had a  slow start to the 2014-15 school year with the extended BC Teachers Strike that went into the first […]