mama teach us ~ how to make flower pens

This week, the girls and I made flower pens. Flower pens are cool because when you’re not using them, you can store them upside down in a vase and they pretty up any room in the house. When you need a pen, a vase full of them are there and handy for you to use.

They make a very cute Mother’s Day gift.

You will need:

a pen
old plastic flowers
flower shop tape

Here are the steps:

1. Take an old plastic flower of your choice and snip off the stem leaving about and inch or two.

2. Hold flower stem flush to pen and begin taping the flower to the pen beginning at the top and working you way down.

3. Cover the entire pen with the flower shop tape leaving the point open to be able to write with.

4. Store in a vase with other flower pens and store somewhere in your house for decor.

Flowerpen Vase Photo by Luis Valecillo

Flower pens are easy and fun to make. If you’re a teacher like myself, they are an easy craft for your students to make as a Mother’s Day gift for their Moms.  What Mom doesn’t need a pen and love flowers? A gift that offers two great things in one!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there. I hope your hubby and kids spoiled you rotten yesterday.








  1. says

    These are really cute! Another way to store them could be in a planter with coffee beans. I’ll have to make these with my daughter when she’s older.

  2. says

    I’ve been meaning to make these with my daughter because I know she will love them. Thanks for the reminder. I’m adding it to our summer to do list.

  3. says

    Ha. I’ve seen these quite a bit before, but never thought about how to actually make them. This is really good and fun for little girls to do, I bet.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Hope you had a great Mother’s Day! Have a lovely week!

    Take Care,

    Lexie Lane

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  4. says

    Those are too cute! I think I want to make some for my classroom at work. Functional & a cute decoration. 😉

  5. says

    So cute! I think my girls would love making these with me. I’m always searching for a pen. This might be helpful for that–it’s much easier to spot a flower. :)

  6. Mary says

    Everyone at school has them agh it’s driving me crazy I really want one!!!!!!!! Ps where did u get the tape?