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Fridays are and always will be my favourite part of the week.

Not only is it the start of the weekend but it’s also the day I get to feature a blogger I have grown to know and love through reading and tweeting with them.

Let’s BEE Friends is my weekly meme where readers and writers come to check out what new or old blogger I’m featuring. Many friends have told me they link-up with me on Fridays because it’s a great way to meet new friends and find new blogs to follow.

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I found today’s feature blogger through the Vancouver Moms Top Mommy Blogger contest I participated in a few months back.

Amanda is the CEO of Lilahbility.  She’s not only a mother to adorable little Lilah but she’s also a Canadian gal and lives in the very same city I do – Vancouver!  We are so close and yet, we have not met. I’m pretty confident though, that with time, Amanda and I will cross paths and we’ll arrange to get together for lattes.

Is that an invitation? Yes it is, Amanda!

So without further jabbering by me, sit back and read yourself some good stuff about my friend Amanda.

1. What got you started into blogging and how long has it been so far?

I had a few friends (online and IRL) who were blogging, and I thought I’d try my hand at it, just for fun. I started my blog when Lilah was about seven months old, in February of 2010.  This was not a carefully thought-out, researched decision, it was really just on a whim. My style is to just sort of go for it and learn as I go, mainly through trial and error.  (Case in point, I still haven’t read my camera’s manual.)

When I started, I blogged mainly about Lilah’s growth and progress, which was really only of interest to friends and family.  Now I write more about parenthood and life in general; both the funny bits and the touching moments.  Of course, I still can’t resist the temptation to throw in the occasional video of Lilah doing something random because, oh, the cute!

2. Besides blogging, what do you do for a living?

I teach small people to talk.  The fancy term for my job is Speech-Language Pathologist.  I work four days a  week with kids ages 0-5 with speech and language delays and disorders, which means I get to play for large portions of my workday.  And I must be pretty good at it, because they actually pay me for it!

3. Tell us about your family – spouse, kids.

The Hubs and I just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary, though we’ve been together for almost twelve years (I know, he took his time with the ring, right?).  We have two miscreant cats and we added Lilah to the mix two years ago.  She is a very bright, energetic, cautious, earnest, and sweet kid with a fantastic, though sometimes odd, sense of humour.

4. Do you have any other passions besides blogging? Like, maybe photography? Please share.

No, blogging is my life.

Kidding!  Can chocolate and wine be considered passions?

Okay, all joking aside, I’ve recently become obsessed with photography.  I’ve always loved taking and sharing photos, but about a year ago, the Hubs gave me a digital SLR and now I am completely addicted.  This is going to sound terribly hokey, but my interest in photography has made me appreciate the beauty in things I might not have noticed before.  Also, it’s a lot like blogging and writing, in that I can look back and see how far I have come, but know that I still have a loooong way to go.

Another huge part of my life is martial arts.  I have been involved in martial arts for the past 14 years and I will always, always be a martial artist.  The two disciplines I train in currently are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.  It’s my “me time,” my sanity, and my mental and physical exercise all rolled into one.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Oh man, I have never been great at questions like this.  I’m pretty complacent, so I’m hoping that things won’t really be all that different.  I guess that means I’m pretty happy with my life the way it is.

But in ten years, Lilah will be twelve, and the Hubs and I would love to have a second child at some point, so with luck, she’d have a younger sibling to boss around.  Ideally, we will have a house in Vancouver with a backyard and enough space for all of our kids’ crap.  I will still be working as a speech therapist, but maybe in private practice, so I can set my own schedule and have more time for blogging!

6. Favourite fast food? Favourite healthy food?

I’m not huge on fast food burger chains, but I definitely love me some Subway, so that’s my go-to for a quick lunch.  And, being a good Canadian girl and having grown up in Ontario, I’m a big fan of Tim Horton’s.

We eat a lot of chicken breast around here.  The Hubs makes a mean Cajun chicken breast and we often just dump it on salad and call it a healthy, delicious dinner.  I also love salmon (Pacific, of course).

7. Name three of the greatest challenges of motherhood – in your opinion – based on your experience.

In the early days: Sleep deprivation.

At times: lack of physical, emotional, and mental space.

Always: Patience.

8. If we were to snatch away your purse right now, what contents would we find and why would they be there?

Thankfully, I cleaned out my purse for our recent trip to the East coast, so this isn’t as embarrassing as it could have been if you’d asked me this a few weeks ago!

Okay, so let’s start with the obvious: wallet, keys, iPhone, sunglasses, date book, pen.

Slightly less obvious: blotting papers, lip gloss, hair clips and elastics (both for myself and for Lilah),  all-natural hand sanitizer, notebook for jotting down whatever pops into my head, and a Tim Horton’s gift card from the family of a child I worked with.

Totally random: Air Canada stir stick, hardened ball of play-do, and three sticky Tic-Tacs (various flavours).

9. What are 2 now-a-day luxuries you cannot live without and why?

You mean, like, live without forever, or for a few days or weeks?

For ten years, from the time I was ten years old, I went to a very rustic camp on a tiny island on a small lake in Ontario.  We didn’t have flush toilets or showers, and we washed in the lake. We went on canoe trips and sometimes spent days crusted in mud.  So I’m pretty much an Amazon. I can easily go without modern comforts for a while.  That being said, that first toilet flush and hot shower after getting home from the summer away was heaven.

So if we’re talking long term, I’d probably say running water.  And wi-fi (duh)!

10. Many bloggers have started adding vlogs to their blog. Do you see yourself ever doing the same? Why or why not?

Ha! You’d have to get me REALLLLY drunk to convince me to do a vlog.  It’s just not my cup of tea. Public speaking makes me nervous, and when I’m nervous, my face becomes expressionless and my voice monotone.  Kind of like a robot.  My robotic vlog would be neither interesting nor entertaining and really, nobody wants to see that.  I express myself so much better through written words and photographic images, so let’s just stick to that and we’ll all be better off.  (You’re welcome.)

Thanks for featuring me, Bruna.
I had fun with these questions!


  1. says

    Thanks again for the virtual hang-out session, Bruna. It was a lot of fun. And yes, someday soon, it should be ACTUAL lattes (well, steamed soy milk for me, if we’re being specific) at an ACTUAL coffee shop!

  2. says

    Need you even ask?! Chocolate and wine are the best passions!

    Your answers to the greatest challenges of parenthood are so perfectly expressed. They’re equivalent to what I’d try to say, except actually said well. And in an organized fashion. :)

    Love your photographs, by the way. Whether I comment or not, they’re always a treat to see. (I say “always” like I’ve known you for more than the month I’ve been following Bruna! Hee.)

  3. says

    Amanda, great to know more about you! I’m fascinated by your job, it must be so interesting, working with kids that young.

    And I’m in awe that you practice Jiu Jitsu – you are kick ass! (my brother-in-law practices that and mixed martial arts so I’ve watched more videos of it than I care to remember. Let’s just say I’m too girly girl to consider doing it haha)

    • says

      My job is pretty great. The only drawback now that I have a child is the guilt – I spend my days playing with other people’s kids instead of my own.

      I do have to put aside my girliness when I’m training, which is part of the draw, actually. But I still love being girly, too. (I just have to check my legs for big purple bruises before I decide whether to wear a dress/skirt or pants!)

  4. says

    I feel lucky that aside from loving Amanda’s blog, I also know her in real life.
    I completely agree with your greatest challenges of parenthood. I consider myself a patient person, but some days I feel like I have known.
    Vlog is not my cup of tea either. I hate the sound of my own voice.
    Happy Friday.

    • says

      Well, Lisa, you certainly do a good job of faking patience, even on the rough days, because I’d say that’s one of your greatest strengths! But I’m sure it’s something we all struggle with as parents. Basically, it’s our kids’ job to push us to our limits.

  5. says

    Chocolate and wine are the best types of passions. Along with napping.

    Nice to meet a fellow blogger and I hope you two get to meet in person since you are so close.

  6. says

    Hi Amanda, nice to “meet you”! I always love coming across new bloggers. I don’t think I would be able to survive the long haul without wi-fi either.

  7. says

    Amanda, it’s so nice to see you featured at Bruna’s – my two favourite blogging Vancouverites in the same place at the same time! I’ll be there at Christmas – we should ALL get together.

    I’ve always wanted to try martial arts but (insert excuses here). I’m planning on putting my son into a class and have thought, Why don’t I join him?

    Great answers! Fun questions, Bruna!

  8. says

    Hi Amanda! Nice to meet you! You live in one of my favorite cities…now if only I could find a way & time to get back up there again I’d be doing the Happy Dance. Oh yea, and so glad I’m not the only blogger left on the planet who isn’t vlogging! ;>

  9. says

    Nice to meet you Amanda. Looking forward to checking out Lilahbility (cutest blog name)!
    Subway is my go-to fast-food lunch stop too, because of the healthy choices. And yes, chocolate and wine can definitely be considered passions!

    • says

      Okay, so I guess I am a woman of many passions!

      Thanks for the comment on my blog name – we decided she was quite the liability when she became mobile (which, by the way, was a whole lot earlier than the books say and caught us totally off guard) and it just seemed to fit.


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