jewelery box extravaganza

I’ve been back and forth to the dollar store a lot lately.  It’s where I go to find supplies for art projects. The girls are always wanting to make or create something.

The girls have been asking me for a jewelery box for their bedrooms.  I found wooden ones at the dollar store and thought why not decorate our own? This way, the girls can create a box that is of their own design and they can be painted to match the colour scheme of their rooms.

In order to do this, we needed:

acrylic paint
paint brushes
cotton swab sticks
smocks (to protect their clothes)
newspaper (to lay over and protect the table)
water bowls (for rinsing out brushes)
pretty jewels, glitter, decorating junk
a glue gun

First we chose the colour we wanted to paint the overall surface of our jewelery boxes. Little H choose purple, her favourite colour.

The acrylic paint can be found at Wal-Mart or any craft/art store. Even the dollar store has a supply of paints that are cheap and work just as well as the more expensive stuff.

Little B painted the base of her jewelery box baby blue because it’s her favourite colour.

Once finished, we let the boxes dry. Then we added designs in an accent colour.
See the polk-a-dots and lines? That was done using cotton swab sticks!

Once dry again, we added our special sparkles, jewels, puff balls and flowers to the boxes using a glue gun.  This is the part I had to do. Glue guns get very hot.  The girls chose their decor items and told me where to glue them.

In the end, the boxes looked like this …

The girls proudly have their boxes on display in their room.  Teen B made the red one you see in the photo. Oh yes, she’s a lover of crafts too!

After seeing the finished product, the girls have informed me they want to make a jewelery box for each of their grandmas for Christmas.

Shhh… don’t tell!

I guess we better get busy!


  1. says

    Those are simply adorable! I made a jewellery box with my 4 year old using a pre-packaged set from Michaels, but yours are so much cuter! I might have to do a redo :)

  2. says

    They are such pretty boxes, your girls did an awesome job! I love the red one and the flowers were so pretty! What a great thing to do with your kiddos and time you got to share as “girls” swoon!!!!

    • says

      The red one was made by my 13 yr old. She gets in on all the crafty stuff too. My kids are way more artistic than me. I pale in comparison.

  3. says

    Great craft, Bruna! I can’t wait till Lilah is old enough to manage something like this. This is when it totally PAYS to have a teacher for a mommy. Those girls sure are luck!

  4. Amber says

    I LOVE THE DOLLAR STORE!!! I love going there to buy things for art projects to do with the kids. I love these. My girls would enjoy doing that. Excuse me while I go get in the truck and do to the Dollar Store. :)