7 years of wedded bliss

Seven years ago today, I married my bestfriend.

The only man who has ever truly captured my heart.

The only man who gets me.

Love knows no boundaries. Not even the one that divided us from our two countries: Canada and the USA. We crossed that border many times during our courtship.

Our relationship is not perfect but it’s perfect for us.

We bicker, argue and get on each others nerves as all couples do.
We also forgive and let go so we can get back to loving each other.

Our relationship has had it’s up and downs but the challenges have helped to strengthen the love we have for each other.

It’s not always sunshine and roses but when it is, it’s absolutely wonderful.

He calms my high strung nature.
I keep him laughing.

We compliment each other in the finest of ways.

Together, we have created the most beautiful of beings.
Our daughter Little B.

Our daughter Little H.

And J has been an amazing father to his step-daughter and my daughter, Teen B  {circa 2004}.
Seven years has passed us quickly but every moment lingers and warms my heart.
I hope to spend the next 77 years  building memories upon memories together.
And loving each other more and more with each passing day.
Happy Anniversary J.


  1. says

    You two are so perfect together! Happy anniversary B&J! ( your initials are same as my favorite ice cream! Coincidence? )

    • Bruna says

      Forgot about the ice-cream brand. Most people refer to our initials as something else … something “naughty”. LOL

  2. says

    Yay, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream! My favourite as well (Chunky Monkey). (Thanks for reminding me, Stasha, now I want some…)

    Also, great pictures, cute kids! Love your wedding picture!

  3. says

    Happy anniversary! you both make such a beautiful couple. I love how you mention arguing. Relationships are not all fun and love. Congrats on making it all that it is.

    • Bruna says

      We all know relationships aren’t perfect. It’s what keeps things interesting though, right? Thanks for the well wishes Missy Olive!

  4. says

    Happy anniversary! This is beautiful!
    Just curious – are Little B and Little H wearing the same sleeper in those two pictures? Cute either way :)

    • Bruna says

      The girls DO look like they’re wearing the same pj! Couldn’t be the same though because I gave away all of Little B’s stuff before Little H was born. Maybe I bought the same sleeper again? LOL

  5. says

    Happy, happy anniversary to the two of you and may you have many more happy years together. That was a fantastic post and oh so true. Even when there are differences, you work through them and make each day count.

    • Bruna says

      We already celebrated back in February with a whole weekend getaway without kids. It was fabulous. We had so much fun! Thanks for the good wishes Natalie :)

    • Bruna says

      Not belated at all. It’s today, Monday March 19th :) Thank you for the well wishes Amber :)

  6. says

    Happy anniversary! We, too, are at seven years. And also crossed the border so many, many times throughout our relationship until we finally got it together to be on the same time and cross *with* each other instead of alone. Glad your international love affair survived, too. You definitely did create some beautiful beings!

  7. says

    You beautiful girl…look at you and your gorgeous family! Happy Anniversary to you both…may your years be filled with Life, Love and Laughter…xoxo