birthday girl

♪♪ Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to Meeeee.
Happy birthday to me! ♪♪

Gone are the days of my youth.
Gone are the kiddie parties, the stash of presents, the cakes, cupcakes and junk food.  Gone are the girlfriend sleepovers and the boy-girl parties.

Aren’t I cute?

Gone are my 20’s. The college years, the pub nights, the studying, the single life, the clubbing and the late nights.

Gone are my 30’s. The courting period of hubby and I, our weekend road trips, our lazy weekends, the endless hours we had to talk uninterrupted and the getting up and going at the drop of a hat.

{Me, today}

Today, I celebrate my 42nd birthday and I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to say it.   Although I miss the days of old, I wouldn’t trade my birthdays of today for a minute of what once was.

{ March 14th, 2010 }

As a Mother of three, I now celebrate my special day in a very different way.  The presents are little, the party is quaint, the dinner and dessert are always my choice .  The part I love most about the entire special day is the excitement that overflows from my sweet girls as they unravel the surprises they have to share with me. All the planning in secret, all the cards they make by hand to the song they sing before me as they hug and hold my hand.

It’s priceless.

They shower me with love.
Make me feel special in every way.
There’s no other gift they could give me.

I love them like crazy, you see.

I’m a birthday girl today and I’m celebrating another year of good health, happiness and love with the people who mean the most to me.

♥ My little family ♥.

I couldn’t imagine it any other way.






  1. rosa says

    You are absolutely right! BUT…can we go back to our 20’s…just for one day, please? LOL. Happy Bday.

  2. says

    Happy birthday, Bruna! BIG hugs to you today. I love how you describe the day and the excitement of the girls – I can almost feel the joy myself! xo

    P.S. 42 looks good on you!

  3. says

    Happy, happy birthday. Enjoy your day with your loved ones. And may I say you don’t look a day over 30!!!!

  4. Bruna says

    Wish I could turn back time! Too be that skinny again and to have that much fun! Happy Birthday from Bruna L!

  5. says

    Happy Birthday my sweet friend.
    I had no idea that you were 42…you are stunningly gorgeous. You must’ve stopped aging in your 20s…lucky you 😉

  6. says

    Bruna the Beautifu..I am sorry I am Belated but I am bubbling with Birthdays Blessings for you!!!!!

    (LOL all those buzzing B’s :)

    Happy Birthday special gril, may your whole year be bountiful, beautiful and special as you are!!!! Xoxoxo

  7. says

    Happy late birthday, Bruna! Sorry I missed it! I haven’t been very good at coming around and commenting lately. It looks like you had a fabulous birthday, too. Lots of little people to shower you with their love!

    And if it makes any difference at all, you may be 42 because you could still pass for 29! ;o)