my favourites for february

I love blogging.
I love meeting new friends through social media.

My biggest struggle with blogging is finding the time to read all of the blogs I love so much.
Working part-time, being a Mom and managing a home sucks up a lot of my time.

So today, I’m joining my friend Sue from Cookie Chronicles in her monthly link-up called the Best of The Blogosphere.  A link-up that celebrates everyone’s favourite blog reads for the month.


So here are my favourites for the month of February …

1. Amanda from Lilahbility rocked my world with her post, Ten Lovely Symptoms.  Her own quirky way of telling her readers that she’s expecting her second child. I was SO excited to read about her good news.

2. Deborah from The Truth About Motherhood touched my heart with her post, A Mother’s Heart.  She writes about the lessons she wants to instill in her beautiful daughters. A must read if you want to get that warm and cozy feeling.

3. Bianca from Bits of Bee made me laugh with her post, BEE The Interrupter. She writes about her inability to stop interrupting people while in conversation with them.  Bianca says, ” I just can’t stop my lips from opening when words are trying to push their way out!”. A funny read!

4. Lisa from The Schwartz Chronicles made me think with her post, The Boy Bell Curve.  She writes about there being double standards in her house between herself and the husband and asks us if we have this problem in our own homes as well.  My answer: Yes, I know what you mean!

5. Stasha from North West Mommy pulls on my heart strings with her post, What Hurts The Most.  She talks about her decision to only have one child and the struggle she feels when her son keeps asking for a sibling. So much love – all from one Mother! No Stasha, we don’t think you’re selfish.

And for my own favourite post for February, I would have to say it is Beeautiful You: The Honey Edition.  In this post I share the love I have for my youngest babe and celebrate all the things that make her sweet and precious.

I think this monthly meme is wonderful. What a great way to share the blogs we love while, at the same time, highlighting the written pieces that we connect with in our own special way.

Goodbye February!
Hello March ….





    • Bruna says

      Sue, I finally linked up. Have been meaning to for a long time! I must track my favourites as the month goes on so I can continue to link-up with you every month. Gotta support the peeps you love, you know! ♥

  1. says

    I don’t seem to have a lot of time anymore, either! Since I started working part time, my blogging and commenting time has been cut down to almost nothing!
    I miss you and I hope you’re doing well! xo

    • Bruna says

      Congrats on the part-time job! I really miss you too Carri! I try to get over to your place and read you whenever I get a chance. I can always use a good laugh and you always provided me that :)

  2. says

    Thanks for the shout out. I have been meaning to link up to this meme, but have not been good about keeping track of my likes. I loved your happy kids, sticky floors quote from February.

  3. says

    Thanks for the shout-out, lady! It’s true, things get crazy and busy and it’s nice to stop for minute and reflect on our favourite posts of the month.

  4. says

    Oh thank you so much B! It is impossible to read all these wonderful blogs, no matter how much we want to. I love being in your company, online and irl and this is a beautiful list to be a part of!