old friends, new friends, true friends

My life has been filled with an abundance of friends. Those who have come and gone and those who have stuck around.

I would rather have a handful of girls in my life who come by the name friend honestly than too many friends who say they are friends but really are not.

A friend is there for you through the good and the bad and not just when it’s convenient. Friendship is not situational. If you move, change jobs or go through a divorce, a friend sticks by your side no matter what.

A friend knows when you’re down and goes out of their way to cheer you up. When you tell a friend that something they do bothers you, they go out of their way not to do it again.

A friend is not jealous of what you have or have accomplished. They are truly happy for your blessings or success.

A friend is someone you trust and respect.  If you find yourself questioning or doubting their loyalty, then maybe they are not as true as you think.

Three of my friends have been in my life for what seems like forever. They are true friends. They care about me and I care about them. They have stuck around through thick and thin.

Which brings me to my quote for this week …

This quote resonates with me because I believe it to be very true.

R has been in my life since we were five.  She’s like a sister to me.

We first met in Kindergarten.

B and I became good friends during our early 20’s.

S and I met in our twenties through boyfriends who were friends.

All of us have been through a lot together.
Good times. Bad times. In between times.

We’ve experienced heartbreak, the loss of loved ones, celebrated marriages and the births of our children.  To this day, we still get together to celebrate our birthdays.

True friends are hard to come by these days.

So when you’ve got a few, keep them close to you and don’t let them go.

Love you R, B and S!


    • Bruna says

      Yes, it’s nice to know you’ve got people in your life other than family who are willing to be there for you through the tough times as well :)

  1. says

    True friends are SO hard to find. That’s why when I do find them, I hang on to them with all my might! Friendship needs to remain a priority in everyone’s life… sometimes we take it too much for granted I think.

    • Bruna says

      Thanks Bru … just wanted you guys to know. Call me sentimental. I’ve always been the sappy one though so I’m sure you’re not surprised 😛

  2. says

    what a lovely tribute to your friends. I’m homesick now. When I got married, I moved from my hometown and friends I had known forever. At first we kept in touch, but after more kids arrived and the years passed…it’s become increasingly hard to keep that connection.
    I do however have wonderful new friends here in our little town. I may not have known them as long…..but their love and support is no less special.

    • Bruna says

      I didn’t mean to make you homesick! Just letting my besties know how much they mean to me. As we get older and have families life gets busy. It’s so easy to forget to nurture our friendships. Everyone needs a friend or two. It’s so good for our soul.

  3. says

    So beautifully written B! I agree with every word, and there truly isn’t anything that compares to the bond of a close group of girlfriends. Makes me want to give my besties a call!

  4. says

    Such great words and oh so true. My best friends are still the ones I grew up with in Germany. We may not talk every day but when we do it’s like we just spoke yesterday. :)

  5. says

    What a great quote. It will definitely make me rethink the idea that I’ve lost some friends over the years. I think good friends are even harder to come by now that I’m a mom. It means that I’m fiercely protective of my time, and I have to really love someone to give up any of it. I’ve definitely learned who my true friends are in the past few years!