motherhood: heaven or hell?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Being a mom has proven to be the most challenging of jobs I have ever had in my life.  Hands down, no other profession compares.  So when I saw this quote in my Facebook news feed one day, I had to laugh and copy it into my computer files.

Motherhood is wonderful, fulfilling, rewarding and full of love and pride. At the same time, motherhood can be exhausting, monotonous, lonely, unappreciated and trying of one’s patience.

As mothers, we’re happy one minute feeling blessed with the precious gifts we have in our children while another minute we can feel like pulling out our hair and doubting our abilities to mother.

There is no easy way. No easy fix. No book with all the answers. No guru who can teach us how to create perfect children. Believe no woman who tells you being a mom is easy or that her children are angelic all the time. She’s lying right through her teeth.

I remind myself on a regular basis why I became a mother.  I remind myself how lucky I am to be able to have children. Nothing precious comes easy. Everything worth while takes work. The same can be said about a happy and fulfilling marriage.

So while I often highlight how wonderful and special my girls are on my blog, know that it’s not always sunshine and roses. Like life, motherhood is a roller-coaster of ups and downs with the downs teaching us patience and the ups granting us the fulfillment of love and pride.

I love the hugs, the kisses, the cute sayings, the silly antics and the sweet words that my girls share with me on daily basis.

And as much as I love how they are growing up and becoming more independent, part of me wants them to stay little and adorable.

One day, I will miss all the things that make being a mother challenging.
While I will love the free time hubby and I will get back, I know we will miss having our girls around and look forward to the moments when they visit us.

So as challenging as being a mom to three girls can be, I’m holding on to every precious moment I have with them and cherishing not just the good but the not-so-fun part as well.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Would you?

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