flashback: margaritas by the pool

I’m sharing a post with you now that I wrote almost exactly a year ago and I’m doing so because it’s one of Mama Kat’s writer’s workshop prompts this week.

Recycle a favourite post from July of any year you have been blogging.

And I chose this one …

So I’m sitting here, poolside, with a lime margarita by my side. I’m lathered up with coconut scented sunscreen and I’m wearing my cool new shades. It’s hot out and if I’m not sipping a cold drink every 2-3 minutes, I feel like I may pass out from the heat. I don’t dare move though. I didn’t come all the way to Vegas to not lay out in the sun. I have to go back home with at least a bit of tan. It’s only 108 degrees today. Only 108!

Since we arrived on Monday afternoon, hubby and I have exhausted our walking legs, had enough Italian food to last a lifetime and have paid way to much for coffee and mixed drinks. It’s unbelievable how expensive it is to dine in Vegas. Water costs $2-3 a bottle if you’re not smart enough to buy it at Walgreens, a pharmacy type store on the lowest level of the Venetian Hotel. We’ve been there 3 times on this trip. Once, each day of our stay.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m the worst at packing for a trip. I always forget something. As soon as we arrived in Vegas, I realized I had forgotten my camera and toothbrush. Both very important necessities. I bought a 99 cent toothbrush at Walgreens but I wasn’t about to buy a new camera to take pictures of our trip. So, my dear friends, I will not be sharing any photos of Vegas with you on my blog. It’s unfortunate, I know.

Insert —–> But here’s one from our trip two years ago instead!

While my hubby has been attending workshops at a Conference here in the hotel, I have been passing the time laying by the pool. It has been wonderful. I have read an entire novel and a fashion magazine. I have tried my luck at gambling and had fun winning and losing my money. I have walked through the gorgeous shops and pretended to be a famous person looking for evening wear. I’ve dined at some pretty pricey, Italian restaurants and enjoyed the cuisine along with some really good wines. I have gone shopping at Vegas’ popular Fashion Show Mall and purchased a pair of new sunglasses and some pretty sweet, bling flip flops. Our hotel suite is gorgeous and comfortable with it’s beautiful European design, two flat screen TV’s, an enormous bath and full shower facility and a patio veranda with a gorgeous view. We’ve been really lucky with our accommodations on this trip. Thank you husband’s job for paying for it!

Hubby and I have basked in the time we have gotten to spend together during this trip. It’s always nice when we can hang out without the kids. I feel lucky to have parents who so willingly agreed to watch our girls so we could go away. Thanks Mom and Dad! At the same time, we are both anxious to get home tonight because we miss the girls and are very excited to see their cute little faces again. No matter how much we enjoy time to ourselves, we always look forward to going home.

Asta la vista, Vegas!

Is it possible to be jealous of myself?
Why did I not go back to Vegas this year?

Oh right … no babysitters.

Mama’s Losin’ It


    • Bruna says

      Could have gone back with my sister for her 30th birthday in August but that didn’t pan out. Oh well, there’s always next year!

    • Bruna says

      Love being away from the kids but after a while, I miss them terribly and can’t wait to get home. Happens every single time.

  1. says

    If it helps any I’ll be jealous of you too! That way you’re not alone. Lime margaritas sound amazing right about now!

    • Bruna says

      Lime, Strawberry, Raspberry margaritas … anything margarita sounds good right about now!

    • Bruna says

      This was the only time I got to tag along on hubby’s business trip. I hope the opportunity comes up again :)