looking forward to, excited for …

There was a time in my life where I often needed to have things to look forward to in order to be happy. By things, I don’t mean material possessions exactly because often it was needing to have something to do or somewhere to go.

When I was single and in college, I looked forward to spending time with my girlfriends. When I became a mother for the first time, I longed for a little extra time to myself. When I became a mother for the second time, I longed to have time to sleep. When I became a mother for the third and last time, I longed for all the things I no longer had time to do.  Read a book, watch a movie, do my hair or have adult conversation.

I have never been one to need to buy things to be happy although shopping definitely is fun. I have always been one to need or enjoy time spent with people I love or hold close to my heart.  Like my parents, grandparents, sisters or girlfriends.

Now that I’m married 7.5 years and a mother to three girls, life is beyond busy. Deep down, the one thing I always really miss is being able to spend time with the man I married. My hubby.

Sure we live together and talk all the time but it’s always with the kids or about the kids. Sure we spend time together but it’s centered around the kids. Sure we see each other every day but it’s always as a mommy and daddy or a wife and a husband.  That’s what happens when you become a family with someone and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

That doesn’t mean though, that neither one of us misses what used to be …

I miss the moments we use to share when we were just us. Him, that guy and me, that girl. He misses getting to be the people we were when we first fell in love and doing all the stuff we had plenty of time for.

So nowadays, we look forward to sharing a night or a weekend away with each other.

It’s something we know we need to do every once in a while and I’m so grateful when we can.

And it just so happens, we’re getting that opportunity this upcoming weekend.

Excited for it?  Yes, yes and yes!

Mama’s Losin’ It



    • Bruna says

      I’m grateful for my children’s grandparents :) I hope to reciprocate one day and take my grand-kids so my kids can get away.

    • Bruna says

      And I think having 3 kids is tiring. Wow! Four kids definitely qualifies you for a night or a weekend away 😛

  1. says

    It’s so important to get some time to yourselves… without the kids, pets and responsibilities. I hope, you guys will have a great time!!!

  2. says

    Sadly, I really did not adequately appreciate my oddles of spare time when I had them! At the same time, I do love hanging out with my Lilman and my Bigman together. We waited a long time for this opportunity to be parents, and I find we do a ton of things we’d never have done. That said, next up: getting babysitter!

    • Bruna says

      I couldn’t agree with you more Harriet. Love being with the kidlets. Love having that special time with the hubs too. Once in a while … doesn’t hurt anyone. Bring on the babysitter!

  3. says

    Yahoo for you! Have a GREAT time! My husband and I are going to get to do the same thing next weekend for our anniversary and I can’t wait! :) The time really is rejuvenating and healing. I think some couples can prevent failed marriages when they do this regularly.

    • Bruna says

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I wish my parents would have taken the time more often to spend with each other away from us kids. A break is always nice.

  4. says

    I’ve been married for 2 years, and we don’t have children yet. A lot of our friends are starting to have babies, but we’re still enjoying it being just the two of us. I know having a family will be a wonderful thing for us one day, but for now it’s pretty sweet just to have each other. :)

    • Bruna says

      Heather, enjoy your time together and don’t waste it. When you do start a family, the time just seems to dwindle away. Not to worry, you’ll love family life just as much.