making me smile + something new

Aside from my kids, husband, vanilla lattes and wine with dinner, there are so many more things making me smile these days.

Simple things.

Like …

Sleeping in every morning until at least 8am. The benefits of putting the kids to bed later during the summer means them sleeping in later. One of the many reasons why I love summer vacation.

My tan. I love the sun and before I had children, I would spend hours upon hours basking in the sun at beaches, parks or simply in the comfort of my own backyard. Having sun-kissed skin not only makes you look better, it makes you feel better too.

Wearing less make-up. Thanks to having a tan, I have been going all summer without wearing any make-up with the exception of mascara. I actually think I look better when I put less stuff on my face. Still loving my Mary Kay Skin Care system though. My skin has never looked better and I owe it all to the skin care regime I’ve been following via Mary Kay product for the last 6 months. Thank you, sister!

Photography & Instagram. I don’t know what I did for fun before we bought our digital SLR camera and I got an iphone. No matter where we go as a family or even if it’s just me and the girls, I’m snapping pictures and sharing them on-line with family and bloggy friends. Granted, I’m a bit obsessed at times with always wanting to document everything we do but I love memories and photos are the best way to capture and keep them. That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it.

My health. No words can describe how good I’ve been feeling in the last 8 months. I have so much more energy, I’m sleeping better, I’m exercising intermittently ( hey, at least I’m honest), working at eating healthier and taking care of my body & soul. It feels good to feel good.

Thinking about the possibilities available to me in the near future. As my youngest is about to embark on her last year of preschool, I’m thinking about what I’m going to do at home once she starts Kindergarten full-time in a year. Husband and I decided long ago I would continue teaching part-time so that the other part of the time I can be involved in the girls’ lives before, during and after school. I’ve been exploring options and thinking about what adventures I’d like to embark on. One of the things being the possibility of doing a Masters Program in education. Who knows what the future will hold for me.

Last but not least, blogging is still keeping me smiling. I love writing for Bees with Honey while documenting all of the fun and cool adventures in our lives. In October of this year, Bees with Honey will turn 2 years-old. With everything I do, I often get bored eventually and then need to shake things up a bit to kick-start my motivation and get the creative juices flowing again. So instead of starting a new series or a new weekly meme on Bees with Honey, I created a spin off blog under the name of A Savvy Teacher.

Yes, I am now the CEO of yet another blog.

A Savvy Teacher is a blog for teachers or like-minded people in the field of education who are seeking tips, tricks, new ideas, themes, projects, lessons and product to spice up their classrooms and their own teaching. A Savvy Teacher will document all of the cool and exciting things I do in my First Grade classroom, photos included. So if you know any teachers who would be interested in following, please refer them to A Savvy Teacher as I welcome followers!

Anyone can follow A Savvy Teacher blog.
Find me on Twitter as @ASavvyTeacher.
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Spread the word!  I will gladly repay you in virtual hugs:)

I will continue to write for Bees with Honey and still continue my monthly theme that is Mama Teach Us.  I enjoy bringing home bits and pieces of my classroom to share with my kids and with other moms via the virtual world.  Us moms are always looking for cool, fun and educational activities to entertain out children at home.  So stay tuned as Mama Teach Us will return to it’s regularly scheduled program once the new school year commences in September.

A big thank you to all readers of Bees with Honey.  I truly appreciate your loyalty and love reading all of your comments. Keep them coming!

Mama’s Losin’ It


    • Bruna says

      Thank you. I look forward spending some time writing for it once school is back in session.

    • dawn says

      Awesome, I was reading your post nodding my head, “me too” , ,”me too”,, no way,,, but, then as I read “As my youngest is about to embark on her last year of …..” , I was about to say,, “no way”,, until I read preschool – lol,, my last is entering her final days of high school. Anyway, fun read. I have subsequently learned that my sun worshiping is correlated with my newly diagnosed SAD,, which we can easily be plagued with around January, here in MN.

  1. says

    A tan. Yes, that makes me incredibly happy, too. I am hoping that when I’m 80 all the wrinkles from sun-worship make me happy as well!

  2. says

    It’s good to take time to remember all the good stuff in life … that tends to make the humdrumness fade away a bit!

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s :)

    • Bruna says

      Yes, the humdrumness of life can get you down. It’s nice to have things that add spice to life.

    • Bruna says

      THanks Leighhann. It’ll be nice to keep a record of the things I do in the classroom. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time now.