redwood park: where the fairies live

A friend of mine told me about a special forest in South Surrey that is home to tiny little fairies.

Fairies you say? YES!

We decided to visit Redwood Park with our girls and our girls decided their mission would be to find a real life fairy.

First, we found Redwood Park’s super cool playground.  The girls ran, climbed, spun, slid, jumped on and off and hid on the play-toy while daddy and I watched and talked.

Eventually, we took off on one of the park’s trails in pursuit of the fairy forest. We looked high and low until we finally saw a tree with a tiny little brown door at the bottom of it’s stump.  The girls screamed and ran to find each and every fairy door on each and every tree thereafter.  They were ecstatic beyond belief!

Then came the 101 questions about fairies.  Would we see a fairy go in or come out of their home? How do they get in through the doors? How many fairies live in each tree?  Do fairies have babies?

About 25 white lies later, we decided to call it a day.

Needless to say, Redwood Forest – in all of it’s fairy glory – was a grand success. We hadn’t even left the forest grounds and the girls were already asking when we could return.

Soon, we promised.


  1. says

    We stopped at that park one day on our way home from a cross border trip. A lovely park. Looks like a great place for a summer picnic.

    • Bruna says

      I’m not surprised you’ve already visited the Redwood Forest/Park. You and your family go EVERYWHERE!