Mama B

The Girl Behind the Blog …

Hi, I’m Bruna!

I live in beautiful British Columbia where I’m a mom to three sweet, rambunctious girls and wife to my best friend.

I am a First Grade teacher and have been teaching for fifteen years. I love kids, my own and other people’s, and learn so much from them every day.

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My blog focuses on living, loving and learning as a family.  I like to write about new family experiences and adventures and talk about parenting & raising girls. The teacher part of me enjoys sharing ideas, tools and resources parents can use to become the best teachers for their children. 

Those who know me in real-life will tell you that I am always with camera or iphone in hand capturing digital memories and sharing them with family off and on-line.  I am a bit social media obsessed but have found a way to balance my love for staying connected on-line while still being present and active in real life.

I love SO many things which include a new found passion for living healthy and growing stronger.  Husband and I try our very best to eat clean and fresh. We have removed wheat from our diet and are learning how to cook Gluten-Free meals.  It has been a learning adventure but worth the extra effort as we now are reaping the benefits of feeling and looking better.

So if any of my rambles so far interests you in the least, feel free to read more!  Better yet, subscribe to my blog via email and get my blog updates regularly.  If not, simply hop around my little corner of the cyberworld and read some of my other posts.  Leave me a comment and introduce yourself! I’m always up for meeting new people.