did someone say free make-up?

Guess what? My sister, the Mary Kay Consultant, has so kindly offered me a gift basket of product that I can offer as a giveaway to one lucky reader. All she’s asking is that you be so kind and LIKE her Facebook page.  That’s it ! All you need to do for me, is leave […]

back to school shopping

Every year, my teenage daughter and I take a day and go back to school shopping together. First, we make sure she gets all the essential school supplies along with a new backpack. I always make sure she gets all the essentials first like undergarments and socks. Then she focuses on items like rain and […]

pinterest shopping

I’ve been sick for the last three to four days. Aren’t head colds the worst? Needless to say, I’ve been home all this time trying to rest and get better. Since resting means doing nothing, I stayed away from cleaning my house. Not hard to do. Instead, I went shopping. On Pinterest, of course! Wanna […]

my favourites for february

I love blogging. I love meeting new friends through social media. My biggest struggle with blogging is finding the time to read all of the blogs I love so much. Working part-time, being a Mom and managing a home sucks up a lot of my time. So today, I’m joining my friend Sue from Cookie […]