Let’s BEE Friends with Jen !


Today marks the 39th edition of Lets BEE Friends!  Since I started this weekly series, I have had the pleasure of sharing my bloggy space with 39 very talented and creative bloggers. Before I introduce you to number 39, I just want to thank you, my readers and friends, for supporting #Lets Bee Friends Friday […]

Let’s BEE Friends with Nicole!


Welcome back to yet another week of Let’s Bee Friends.  If this is your first time visiting, you’re in for a treat today. Let’s BEE Friends is a weekly link-up that features a blogger I choose. My guest is given the options to answer interview questions or come up with a list of 10 things […]

Let’s BEE Friends with Ado!


Happy Friday! I hope everyone is ready for the weekend. I am!  I’m also ready to get to know a blogger today and link-up one of my favourite posts for the week too! Today, Ado from The Momalog is visiting with me.  After reading her guest post today, you should hop on over to her […]