fishing therapy


When I need a break or a distraction from the busy schedule I call life, I go shopping. Nothing like a little retail therapy! When husband needs a break, he goes fishing. Fishing. He says I’ll never understand because I’m not a guy. Honestly, if he catches a fish, cleans it himself and makes me […]

bits and pieces of fun


As soon as the weather kicked into sunshine mode, summer began in full force for my family and I.  Since here where I live in beautiful British Columbia only manages to get a good two months of warm, sunshiny weather for summer, we have no choice but to take advantage of every minute of it. […]

a household of pink


Growing up in a household of girls with the only testosterone coming from my father, I dreamed that one day I would marry and have a son. Well we all know that didn’t happen. After three tries, the message was clearly received. I was meant to be a mother to girls. Although disappointed after our […]