why i love valentine’s day


I have always been a hopeless romantic which makes Valentine's Day one of my favourite festivities of the year. photo As a child, Valentine's day brought with it the joy of decorating a classroom pouch to hold all the cards I anticipated receiving from friends.  I remember the trip out to the ...continue reading

making it happen …


Now that we've begun a new year, I've been thinking a lot about what I want this year to bring. There are many things I'd like to do, try, see, be, taste and experience. The possibilities are endless but instead of coming up with a list of things I know I may never actually accomplish, I decided ...continue reading

unless you’ve walked in their shoes, don’t judge


If I were to pick the two most difficult things I think a person could experience in life it would be divorce  and death.  In the last few years, I have lost two uncles and an aunt.  The feelings and emotions I dealt with through these losses were beyond anything I ever imagined.  I shed tears, ...continue reading

why fake it? just make it! perfect roast lamb


I love the first Monday of every month!  Who wouldn't? Delicious and creative recipes brought to my finger tips without me even having to lift a finger.  This week, I'm extra excited for Why Fake It? Just Make It! because of a recipe that proved successful for me. I am not a lamb lover. At all.  ...continue reading

unwrapping 2014


 Predictions for 2014 Will you do anything differently in 2014? Resolutions? Goals? Every year, I ask myself these same questions and if I've learned anything about myself and goal setting over the years, I never follow through with any goals I set in January.  So this year, I have no ...continue reading

best moments of 2013


This last year has been filled with an abundance of memorable moments.  Too many to include in one blog post here.  I have chosen a handful or two of photos that highlight our family's year.  I hope you enjoy browsing through the photos as much as I  enjoyed putting them together. I started with ...continue reading

if you know me


If you know me well, you'll know that ... I'm the same person on-line that I am in real life. I have a strong and passionate love for cafe lattes. I always try to find the good in all people. I am very forgiving. Family is very important to me and I would do anything to protect ...continue reading

life lately: the catch-up edition


I really hate when life gets so busy it leaves me no time to write in this little space of mine so today's post is a sort of catch-up on my life. In the work related department, I have been really enjoying a directed drawing unit I have been doing with my students.  Since we're learning about ...continue reading

lemon garlic chicken & roasted veggies: monday’s dinner

Monday's Dinner

You'd think that after years of working full and part-time that I would have gotten it together and come up with some kind of plan for dinner prep.  I never have! Is that crazy or what?  I have always just flown by the seat of my pants when it comes to making dinner for my family. Finally though ...continue reading

beauty indulgence: gel nails


As I get older, I find myself becoming more of a girlie girl.  By no means am I, in any way, high maintenance in my ways but I do find myself indulging a little more on myself these days. Having said, I will jump right in to tell you that for the last year, I have been getting my nails done once ...continue reading