springtime in watercolours


In celebration of Spring, my students and I decided to decorate the classroom with artwork that reflected the season. We started with flowers. First I began by drawing a large collection of flowers on the whiteboard.  Almost every elementary student can draw flowers, but are they aware of the ...continue reading

why fake it? Just make wheat-free cauliflower pizza!


What's for dinner tonight? Pizza ... made with a cauliflower crust. WHAT !?!? You heard me!  I tried this recipe myself and it's so much tastier than it initially sounds.  Of course choosing the right toppings for your pizza makes all the difference in the world. Wheat Free Cauliflower ...continue reading

kindergarten sight word bingo boards #printable


Kids love playing BINGO. Knowing this, motivated me to create  printable Bingo boards that contain a mix of  Kindergarten "sight words". Sight words, otherwise known as irregularly spelled words,  are words 6 year-olds are supposed to commit to visual memory by the time they finish their ...continue reading

a new adventure: my on-line store


As a teacher who only works part-time, I spend the other half of my time at home caring for my girls and our home.  Thursdays, Fridays and every other Wednesdays are my days.  Home alone.  Me getting to do whatever I want while the kiddos are at school. It has been quite wonderful. Besides ...continue reading

an Italian adventure: un’avventura italiana!


I love to travel and so does my family. Over Spring Break, my oldest daughter, Teen B, left us to go on an amazing school trip to Italy.  While there, she resided in Florence, Italy with Mrs. Landini who became her home-stay Mom for two weeks. I wanted nothing more than to jump into her ...continue reading

yoga: for a stronger, more flexible ME


I've never been one to stick to any exercise program. Are you surprised?  Probably not. I've admitted this fact on the blog many times. So you won't be surprised to learn that since my mid twenties, I joined three different gyms where I immediately cancelled the memberships once the one-year ...continue reading

chocolate/peanut butter rice krispie treats #gluten-free


So not only is the husband not allowed to eat Gluten. He can no longer eat foods that contain corn of any kind including corn starch, corn syrup or Xantham Gum.  Try finding foods that don't contain any of those three ingredients. It's almost impossible. So when I came across a recipe for a sweet ...continue reading

9 years: the story of us

Photo 3-15-2014, 9 36 22 PM

Today, hubby and I celebrate 9 years of marriage. It's crazy to think that we've been married that long because it feels like only yesterday we met for the first time. We always joke about growing old together and how fun it will be to tell our grand-kids the story of us. I always say ...continue reading

I always thought …


I always thought that as the girls get older and more independent, it would free me up more time to do the things I have not had the chance to do since they were born.  Turns out, I was totally correct in assuming so but what I didn't anticipate is that the more time I have given to me, the more ...continue reading

rice crust pizza


This month, for Why Fake It? Just Make It!,  I'm sharing a recipe I have tweaked and perfected for my Gluten-Free eating husband.  Since Hubby can't eat tomato sauce or potatoes , I don't include these two ingredients but have left them in the recipe for you. Once a week, we have pizza night. The ...continue reading