Hiking Mt. Baker: Heliotrope Ridge


The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest has some of the best trails to be found anywhere and they’re close to home.  Since we loved hiking Chain Lakes Loops on Mt. Baker a few weeks ago, we decided to return to try out a more strenuous hike. We chose to hike a trail called Heliotrope Ridge.  It […]

Mt. Baker: Chain Lakes Loop


Every year, we go up to Mt. Baker in the middle of summer and walk through the trails. This summer, we decided to take my parents, sister and kids along on our adventure. Having only visited Mt. Baker in the winter for skiing lessons, they were in for a real treat to see the beauty […]

first camping trip of the season

Photo 2014-07-13, 3 19 43 PM

We went on our first camping trip of the season. This past weekend, we ventured out to camp along Alouette Lake. Alouette lake is found within Golden Ears Provincial Park in the Maple Ridge area of British Columbia.  You can find many interesting facts about the area here, including which three Hollywood movies were filmed […]

fingerpaint twister

Photo 2014-07-10, 12 42 10 PM

How do you inspire teenage girls to stay away from technology over the summer? That is the million dollar question! You make them create a summer bucket list of activities requiring no technology or social media whatsoever. My teenage daughter and her friends can be very determined and creative when they put their heads together. […]

3 things in my coffee


Since I started stalking the ingredients labels of the foods I eat, I realized the creamer I was using to flavour my coffee every morning contained too many ingredients I`ve never heard of before. Not good when you`re trying to live a healthier lifestyle. So I experimented a little with my morning coffee, trying to […]