Learning to Read: Decoding Strategies Other Than “Sound It Out”.


Based on my own experiences as a teacher,  I have found that when parents read with their kids, most of them encourage their child to "sound out" unfamiliar words.  It is how most of us learned how to read as kids.  Remember those days? Photo Credit here. While Phonics methods are helpful ...continue reading

Why Fake It, Just Make It: Smoked Salmon and Pesto Spaghetti


For this month's link-up, I'm sharing a recipe hubby and I concocted in a mad rush to make dinner one night. Having grown every herb you can imagine in our backyard throughout the summer, we had an abundance of basil that needed to be consumed.  After some scrambling around in the fridge, we came ...continue reading

uninspired me


I’ve been feeling so uninspired lately and I’m not sure why.  I think it has something to do with the change in weather and the decrease in daylight.  Then again, it could simply be that I’m bored. Photo credit here and here. How does a mama of three, whose girls are in full-time school, ...continue reading

my heart song


“If we could look into each others hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care”. ~ Marvin J. Ashton Photo Credit here. The joys of the last two months have been tied with ...continue reading

improve your child’s reading with sight word rings

Photo 10-17-2013, 6 31 53 PM

Little H is now in her second month of Kindergarten. She is loving school and very anxious to learn how to read and write. Her teacher has already begun the learning-to-read process with the introduction of sight words. Sight words, also called high frequency words, are commonly used words ...continue reading

fashion in your 40′s


One of the biggest challenges of getting older, other than body changes, hair whitening and health issues is finding your place in the fashion world! Yes, the fashion world. As a 40 something woman, how do you dress when you know you're not old enough to give in to polyester pants and Hush ...continue reading

my quest to become a better cook


Since Little H is now in school all day, I have been at home with no one to look after.  My new-found alone time has brought me delight,  but at the same time, I do miss the conversation  I shared daily with my little squirt. I no longer have excuses for laundry not done and the house is not ...continue reading

3 tips for beautiful skin


Growing up, I was always complimented on the tone and the clarity of my skin.  People would ask me about my skincare regime and I would say, "soap and water".  I cannot remember ever spending money in my 20's on a skin care system or any moisturizers for that matter. I would just wash with soap and ...continue reading

the bowl game: building your child’s sense of number


At the age of six, knowing your numbers is more than just counting by 1's and writing the numerals. Children really need to understand numbers on a deeper level. The Bowl Game is a fabulous and fun activity to help build up a child's sense of number. Supplies Needed All you need is an empty, ...continue reading

fall trees: painting with wine corks

FallTreesCorkPainting (1)

I did a really fun art activity with my students this week which turned out so well, I took pictures of it so I could share it on the blog. As a teacher, I have learned never to throw anything away because everything can be used for crafting somehow. Over the Summer, I began collecting wine ...continue reading