making it happen …


Now that we've begun a new year, I've been thinking a lot about what I want this year to bring. There are many things I'd like to do, try, see, be, taste and experience. The possibilities are endless but instead of coming up with a list of things I know I may never actually accomplish, I decided ...continue reading

Let’s BEE Friends with Sarah Kate!

Thanksgiving 14

Guess who's hanging out with me today?  It's Friday and that means time for Let's BEE Friends! You're going to want to be friends with my guest today! It's Sarah Kate from Nothing But Blue Skies. She's a ... "momma to one princess. And wife to her best friend. lives on a mini-farm in ...continue reading

mom bloggers extraordinaire

Do you like candy? I do. I especially love Life Candy, a blog I read regularly because the girl behind the scenes is fabulous, fun, witty, charming, brilliant, an entertaining writer and, simply put, the sweet "girl next door". Her name is Nenette and I absolutely adore her. The more I ...continue reading

always trying to find the balance …

Since the kids got out from school at the end of June and summer vacation began, my family and I have been going full force.  We’ve been keeping ourselves so busy that I can’t remember being at home one weekend in the month of July. During the weekdays, the girls have been going to daycare part-time ...continue reading

nobody gets it

Nobody gets why I blog. Let me correct myself.  My friends, who also blog, totally get why I blog.  Those who I tweet with get why I blog.  Everyone in the blog universe gets why I blog. Remove myself from the blogosphere and I am a lost soul. No one gets it.  Some people think what I do is ...continue reading

joining in on the ultimate blog party!

I'm jumping onto the band wagon and joining in on the party. Who doesn't like a great party after all? So here we go ... When I'm not Mama B from Bees With Honey, I'm a wife to my husband J, a Mom to my three girls Big B, Little B and Little H, a sister, a friend and a First Grade Teacher to ...continue reading

self evaluation


Not including yesterday's post, I was MIA for about a week. Writing report cards trump blogging and since it's that time of year again, I took a blog break. Believe it or not, the blog break made me feel a little weird. Not a bad weird, a good weird. I have to admit that I think I was almost a ...continue reading

twitter gals


After starting my own blog, my husband encouraged me to set up a Twitter account so I could connect with other mommy and teacher bloggers. I did. At first, I didn't really get how Twitter worked. I was so use to the Facebook world, that to me, Twitter just seemed like a bunch of random status ...continue reading

my fav blogs


Since starting up blogging again, I've also been exploring the numerous other blogs out there in cyberspace. It's absolutely AMAZING just how many people and their dogs have a blog.   Some people use a blog to post pics about their family, others use a blog to advertise for a business they run, some ...continue reading