let’s BEE friends with Harriet!


Welcome back Let’s Bee Friends followers! Another week has come and gone but it’s Friday and we all know that Friday brings the weekend! A weekend, by the way, which happens to be a super-d-duper long one.  Gotta love Easter I’m happy to announce that I have another local gal hanging out with me today. […]

Lets BEE Friends with Julie!


Hey Friends! It’s Friday and I’m happy to be host to yet another bloggy friend today for my weekly link-up #LetsBEEfriends. Today’s guest is the first BEE Friend feature of the year and I’m excited to share with you that I have Julie from Balancing Mama hanging out with me today. Julie is “wife to […]

Let’s BEE Friends with … Bianca!


I’m excited today because I’m being host to a special guest. The coolest part is that she’s a local gal right from my very own backyard. Her name is Bianca and she’s the CEO of the blog, Bits of Bee. I like her for many reasons. First because she’s brunette and super beautilicious. When you […]

lets BEE friends with … Sarah!


Who doesn’t love Fridays? C’mon! Only it’s still Thursday … Since I’m busy on Friday and gone for the weekend, I thought I’d make Let’s BEE Friends go live one day earlier. Hope you don’t mind! Today, I get to honour a friend by having them as a guest on my blog.  If you’re a […]