bring on the freedom!


If I were to choose a word that encompasses the past year of 2010 it would be home. When I look back on the past year, I realize that, with the exception of two vacations, my family and I spent way too much time in the close quarters of the place we call our house. […]

did someone say snow?


This morning we all woke up to the most beautiful surprise. Mother Nature covered us gently with a fluffy blanket of powdery, white snow. The girls were ecstatic and our youngest instantly dashed to our shoe boxes to put on her boots! Normally, the new snow covering would cause me concern as I would have to drive […]

special days


I love having special days with my kids. More importantly, I love getting to spend time with only one child at a time. Often times, hubby and I will organize a day where I spend the day with our oldest daughter, Big B, and he stays home with our youngest two, Little B and Little H.  Our […]

beach girls


I absolutely love where we live. We’re just a short, 2o minute walk to the beach. This past Summer, we tried to spend as much time there as possible.  Although I love the FALL, I’m really missing my Summer right now and the lazy days when we would head down to the beach to play, […]