evolution of selfies


I get teased a lot by the hubby about my love for taking selfies.   When the teasing begins, my teenage daughter is quick to jump on the "let's make fun of mom" bandwagon but I don't care.  In fact, the more they make fun of me, the more selfies I take. Since becoming a mom, my presence in ...continue reading

essence of now: spring mania


In the last week, we have had phenomenal spring weather.  The sun has been shining and the warm temperatures have brought the flip flops, tank tops and shorts out from our closets. It has been absolute Heaven for our little family. With the coming of warmer temperatures comes more time spent ...continue reading

weekend wonderful


We had a fabulous weekend. The sun came out and it felt like summer.  We took advantage of every minute. So we did a lot of this ... Running. Jumping. Lifting. Catching air. Hanging. Stretching. Posing. Biking. ( Check out her biker boots! ) And ...continue reading

beach love


Our family never tires of going to the beach. So whether it's summer or winter, we visit our local beach as much as we can. We love the beach because ... 1. The girls love bringing their pail and shovels and digging up some fun while the tide is out and we're able to walk along the ...continue reading

ballet shoes, bums and spooks


Another week has passed and what have we been up to? We're still walking to school. The weather has been fabulous. Sunny and warm almost every day. Little B loves pulling along her backpack on wheels! We finally found Little H ballet shoes in her size. She loves them so much she's been ...continue reading

fishing therapy


When I need a break or a distraction from the busy schedule I call life, I go shopping. Nothing like a little retail therapy! When husband needs a break, he goes fishing. Fishing. He says I'll never understand because I'm not a guy. Honestly, if he catches a fish, cleans it himself and makes me ...continue reading

holding on to you


I love that you are nothing alike. It's enchanting just how different you are. From the colour of your hair and eyes to your favourite foods and more, you each have your way. I watch you when you sleep and my heart fills with love. I watch you when you play together and my heart emanates ...continue reading

girl power


photo c/o Silvia Photography ...continue reading

four, funny and fantastic


"From a little girl so very small, how and when did you get so tall?" ~ Karen Mortensen Just yesterday, my baby girl turned 4 years old. Four years ago, I gave birth to a baby that looked so different than my other two. When Little H was born, she was absolutely bald and had the whitest skin ...continue reading

family photos

The GirlsPhotoShot

Over the weekend, we took a small road trip from our little home in White Rock to West Vancouver for a family photo shoot with Silvia from Silvia Photography. Having won 2nd place in Silvia's photo contest in the month of May, Little B was especially thrilled to claim her prize. Although we have ...continue reading