photo shoot + models + scarves


My 13 year-old was bored recently so she decided to create a photo shoot of her two little sisters modelling scarves she hand made herself. Here are two photos from that shoot. In this photo, Little B is also sporting her purple thermal pajamas.  Make-up and hair was also done by above mentioned teenager. The […]

snowfall, sledding and angels


Weekends during the winter are pretty uneventful for us. So when an opportunity to do something fun presents itself, we jump and go! This past weekend, my family and I drove up to Whistler, British Columbia to spend time with extended family in the snow.  For those of you who don’t live anywhere near me, […]

picnesday: the rest of my #tweetup pics


Amanda, Sue and Bianca ~ Lilahability, Cookies Chronicles, Bits of Bee Nadia, Lisa and Me ~ Mama In the City, Swhartz Chronicles, Bees with Honey Amanda and I Nadia and I. Not seen in this set of photos is Stasha from North West Mommy because she was busy taking her own photos of us!

my face in hole adventures


When I’m not working, taking care of my kids, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, reading, on Facebook, on Twitter or blogging, you can usually find me doing this … What? It looks like me, doesn’t it? What about me as a blonde? More believable? Is this more me? Short funky hair and a bit on the […]